This year the T. I. Legacy Shootout will be held at Bacon Creek Park in Sioux City, Iowa.  (Address is:  
5015 Correctionville  Rd.)  The event will be held on
October 3, 2020.  We will meet in the parking
area #
3 which has shelter #2 posted on it, at 9:30 to begin check in.  If the shelter is not reserved
or being used we will use it as our home  base for the day.  
Please plan to be there at that time so we
can complete the check in and get started with announcements at exactly 10:00.  If you are late you
will need to find me to get checked in and receive any important information.  I will be wearing the
traditional Orange T shirt with "T.  I. Legacy Shootouts" written on the  back and my name, "Bruce" on
the front.  I will also be wearing a blue baseball cap.

The Theme of this shoot is "Covid can't keep  us down".  Thus, everyone needs to wear masks while
we are gathered together.  Models need to wear masks for some shots in each outfit, but once we are
working one on one and socially distanced, masks may be removed.  This is as long as state
mandates do not dictate otherwise.

NOTE:  Photographers will be required to get good head shots of each model they work
with and submit one from each model to me.  I hope to do something cool  with them for
future shootouts.

Following announcements we will begin shooting.

At 1:30 p.m. we will once again gather
at the (to be announced at event) for Group Pictures.  After the
group pictures we can continue shooting with the models.

There are restrooms at this venue.  They are located at the end of parking area #3 and also
in parking  area #1 at the front end of the park.

Please bring any snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated.  
In the event that we have
to cancel this shootout, I will post on Facebook right away.

As usual there are
GUIDELINES for this and every other shootout.  Please read so I do not need to
go over them at the event.  When you sign your release form you will be acknowledging that you have
read and understand the guidelines, which also includes the liability waver.  Remember...if someone is
blatantly violating the guidelines, they may be asked to leave the event.
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